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Bookkeeping & Audit Prep
We've worked with lots of companies that have been using their system for a while and they had some problems with the accuracy of their information.  We can work with you to get your data cleaned up.  We'll show you how to prevent those problems in the future so your reports make sense.  You'll be pleasantly suprised at how quickly we can set things straight. 

If you need some help keeping things straight, we're available monthly, quarterly or annually to make sure your information is ready to use.  During each of our visits, you'll learn how to use your software, read your financial statements, and prepare for taxes.  
Audits can be a regular part of life for the small business person and that's OK.  The most common are for Worker's Compensation Insurance and for General Liability Insurance.  Your system will be set up so you are audit ready any time.  We'll customize your setup to provide the detailed information you'll need to print the reports and be done with it.

Getting audited for taxes???  Don't worry.  We've worked with the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization, the Employment Dev.Dept. and County Property Taxes on behalf of our clients.  We speak their language.  You don't have to go through that alone.
Lawsuits and bankruptcy ....  it happens and your financial records can provide the support you need to come out on top.  We'll help you respond to the requests for information with clear and concise documents presented from your side.  We've worked on legal matters helping our client and their attorney understand and advocate.  We've audited books of opposing parties to get to the bottom of their financial claims.  We work quickly, accurately and for your benefit.
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